Financial donations are the backbone of our spay/neuter programs. Every cat we spay or neuter prevents the birth of literally dozens of cats who are destined to live a very challenging life on the streets.    

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charity so you can be confident that your donations will be used  efficiently and will directly help homeless cats.  You can obtain financial information about P.A.N.T. by contacting us.

Donate by Mail.

Sponsor a Spay or Neuter:   $50


Ways you can help

  • Make a monetary donation of any amount.
  • Add P.A.N.T. to your will or trust or as a beneficiary to an asset such as a stock, mutual fund, or savings account.
  • Donate canned kitten food or kitten milk replacer.  Give gift certificates from grocery, office supply, feed or pet stores.  Give a book of stamps. 
  • Business owners can help in many simple, yet effective ways. Please contact us for more information.