Working together to reduce the Feral & Abandoned Cat Population in the communities of Rhinebeck, Staatsburg and Clinton Corners.

Some say that cats domesticated humans so that one day we would invent the internet and give them the reverence they deserve.

While you're cruising the web looking pictures and videos of cute kittens and laughing at LOLCats, we hope you'll stop here - a website dedicated to helping cats - and take a moment to look around.

Feral and stray cats who live outside have a tough life and over population makes it tougher. 

Dutchess County, New York, like many areas of the U.S., has a cat overpopulation crisis. Thousands of stray and feral cats are found in every community, rural and urban. Each female can produce up to three litters a year with each litter containing an average of four kittens, resulting in explosive growth of the cat population. P.A.N.T. is committed to helping to resolve this issue through education, prevention and adoption programs. We use the humane and proven method of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and form alliances with veterinarians, the general public, local governments and volunteer groups.  We hope you will help too.