Our Board Members

Kristin S. Cotton, President 

Kristin is a resident of Hyde Park.  She and her family have three cats, JJ, Chasey, and Lily.  Kristin began volunteering with PANT in 2009 and is currently in her second of two years as board president.  In addition to her board duties, her responsibilities include managing PANT’s Trap-Neuter-Return Certificate program and organizing and participating in public outreaches such as the monthly adoption events at the Petco on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie.  She is consistently impressed with the level of dedication shown by those who work with PANT in every capacity.  Kristin is very proud to be a part of this wonderful group and encourages anyone interested in joining the board to contact PANT at Juliet@pant.org.  

Linda Hogan, Vice President 

Linda Hogan is Vice President of the PANT Board of Directors and its Volunteer Coordinator.  Linda started working with P.A.N.T. a few years ago by assisting at Adoption and Outreach Events.  She then became Adoption Coordinator, interacting with folks interested in adopting one or more of P.A.N.T.’s homeless cats and kittens.  Currently, Linda serves as the Volunteer Coordinator welcoming new volunteer participants and recognizing ongoing volunteers. Linda and her husband live in the Town of Clinton.  Her family includes two Cocker Spaniels, both of whom enjoy welcoming and socializing (to dogs) any foster kittens that come into the home.    

Nan Leonard, Secretary

Nan Leonard is a resident of Clermont, and is proud to be working with such dedicated volunteers and important organization. A member of the P.A.N.T. Board of Directors operating as Secretary since 2011. Nan acts as the veterinarian advocate and advisor in maintaining standards of care and has assisted in the administrative direction of updating recent manuals and guidelines for P.A.N.T.’s Trap-Neuter-Return program. She shares her home with her husband and 2 rescue dogs, Mollie and Ony. Sadly their cats of 16 years are no longer with them, but look forward to the day their dogs are willing to share their space again.

Jennifer Dugas, Treasurer

Jenn Dugas is a resident of Salt Point and began working with PANT as Treasurer in January 2012.  She and her husband share their home with two dogs, Zoe and Ruby, and newly adopted kitten, Sparky.  Jenn just began working with the Organization and fully supports it’s mission to help maintain the feral cat community.  The foster families and volunteers are amazing!  I’m proud to serve on a Board of an Organization with such dedication.