Our Board Members

Kayla Barrett, President 

Kayla has volunteered with the PANT organization since 2014.  Before joining the PANT gang, Kayla and her husband learned of us when they adopted Abby (originally Star)!   She has participated in outreaches and adoption events and even manages the PANT Facebook.  Kayla and her husband have fostered kittens for PANT too.  They are happy "foster failures" when it comes to their kitty Costello, who they adopted after falling in love with him when he was one of their foster kitties.  Their third kitty Garfield rounds out their feline family members nicely.  They acquired him when they were at the pet store for the purpose of purchasing a fish and came home with Garfield instead.  Isn't that the way it happens for many of us?!  We are pleased to have Kayla on the PANT board.  She took over for Kristin Cotton, who rotated off in the Fall of 2018. 

Vice President - Open at this time (could this be YOU?)

We are ALWAYS looking to add more board members!  Have you ever considered becoming a member of the PANT board?  Why not attend one of our monthly meetings.  They are typically held the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Starr Memorial Library in Rhinebeck.  Be sure to call ahead first to ensure the meeting has not been moved or cancelled.  Let us know you are coming!

Gwen Harding-Peets, Secretary

Gwen rotated on to the PANT board in the summer of 2018 when Nan Leonard rotated off.  Gwen has been very involved with PANT for years in almost every capacity, from outreaches and adoption events, fostering both older cats and kittens, and trapping and helping to manage feral cat colonies.  She has trained the public in the important safe, compassionate and humane trapping methods needed for success.  Gwen volunteers with several different organizations and sits on several different managing boards, which gives her a helpful and diverse background that PANT benefits from greatly.

Beth Allen, Treasurer/Bookkeeper

Beth replaced Jen Dugas as the PANT board's treasurer/bookkeeper in the summer of 2018.  We were so fortunate to have someone of Jen's caliber on the PANT team for so long, we are VERY fortunate to have found Beth to take her place who has the same level of knowledge and organizational skills needed for the task at hand.  Beth originally reached out to PANT for help in managing a feral family of felines residing behind her home.  That is how she met Gwen, who came by with the necessary equipment needed for the safe, compassionate and humane trapping of the kitties and the rest is history!  Beth and her husband continue to care for, trap, and manage the same feral cats and all newcomers.

Susan Aiello, member

Susan was referred to PANT by Countryside Animal Hospital in the summer of 2018.  She rotated on to the board and is learning as much as she can before the "boom" of kitten season begins again in the early spring.  Susan participated in the outreaches held at the Rhinebeck Farmer's Market in the summer of 2018 and will no doubt participate again in 2019. 

Sarah Page, member

Sarah and her husband have been foster parents for kittens in the PANT program for many years.  Sarah has participated in adoption events and outreaches as well, most recently, the PANT information table at the Rhinebeck Farmer's Market.  Fostering kittens can be a very rewarding and challenging volunteering opportunity.  If you are interested in fostering for PANT, Sarah would be a wonderful person to reach out to for advice!