About Us

P.A.N.T., a 501(c)(3) grass roots, all-volunteer organization that was formed in 2001, is committed to resolving the stray and feral cat overpopulation crisis in Dutchess County through education, trap/neuter/return (TNR) practices, and adoption programs.

In 2010, Best Friends Animal Society, a nationally renown animal advocacy organization and sanctuary, conducted a study  of the feral cat population in the United States.  Their report indicates that there are approximately 95,000 homeless cats in Dutchess County.   These cats produce approximately 100,000 kittens each year and 25,000 of those kittens will survive to reach adulthood and begin breeding to add even further to the cat overpopulation crisis.    

The three major animal adoption shelters in Dutchess County (Dutchess County SPCA, Animal Aid Foundation, and Animal Rescue Foundation) are overwhelmed with homeless cats. Dozens are turned away every week; and consequently, the plight of these voiceless, disenfranchised animals is often a cruel life on the street. Because unspayed and unneutered cats often mate, kittens are produced at an alarming rate. This endless cycle is now rampant in Dutchess County, and it needs to be recognized and addressed.

P.A.N.T.’s new mission, adopted in September 2009, is to drastically reduce the number of feral and stray cats in Dutchess County through spay/neuter programs, education, networking with veterinarians, volunteer groups and the community, and placing adoptable cats and kittens into loving, responsible homes.

P.A.N.T. has started model programs in Northwestern Dutchess County, primarily in Rhinebeck and Red Hook, where we have spayed and neutered over 300 cats in 2010.   Assuming one-half of these cats are female, P.A.N.T. prevented the birth of approximately 1500 kittens that year. P.A.N.T. plans to begin TNR work in the Village of Tivoli in late 2011 and early 2012.   There are future plans to start similar programs in every community in Dutchess County.  We are offering education, trap loans, and referrals in these communities. Low-cost spay/neuter certificates will also be offered soon.

Attracting new volunteers and donors will be a key component of P.A.N.T.’s success.
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