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About our cats:

Our adoptable cats have been rescued from a life on the streets, primarily from areas where we are conducting TNR (trap/neuter/return) work.   As soon as they enter our program, they are professionally examined by a licensed veterinary professional.    Since our cats live in foster homes, we are very knowledgeable of their unique personalities and can help match you with a cat that is right for you.  All cats are spayed/neutered, tested for leukemia and feline AIDS, vaccinated, and checked for internal and external parasites (and treated, if needed).  

Our Adoption Process:

Once we receive your application, it is usually processed within 24 hours.  If your application is approved, our adoption counselor will call you to give you all the information you need about the cat you are interested in, and refer you to the appropriate foster home so you can meet the cat.   This can help confirm that he or she is the one for you.    Our foster parents are fully trained to process the rest of your application paperwork – if you wish, your cat can usually go home with you the same day you meet him or her! 

 Interested?  Fill out an adoption application online.